Travel Blogs Scheduled

I’ve posted 2 blogs using the “schedule” button in my Draft Text Editor.

Although, they didn’t get posted!

When I did so today, WordPress told me that they were posted from 1 to 3 days ago, which means that I might as well have slept a bit longer today, then using time posting blogs, which were posted back then, even though I just pressed the “Publish” button.

I wouldn’t want you to misunderstand this scheduling process, thinking that I’ll be posting/publishing some new blogs soon/in a few hours/in a few days, because I have just done so/did so- at least 1-3 days ago!

I haven’t been inundated by likes or reads, but that would have occurred 1-3 days ago, if anyone bothered to read those things, that is. I can only hope that in my future posts, which  should mean, those posts, that are not being published today, or in the last 1-3 days, but sometime in the future, being on that/those days, that I have specified them to be.

I might just do myself a favor and not publish any more blogs, because they might just decide to publish themselves, when and if they choose to do so, with or without me being involved in that process.

I might not choose to read my own blog, which may or may not be my decision, but will be decided for me anyway.

Going back to sleep now. I’m happy that someone else has made those decisions for me.



2 thoughts on “Travel Blogs Scheduled

  1. Hi Wayne,
    I have been enjoying your blogs daily since your visit a few weeks ago. I don’t always comment because I have been swamped shutting down my business. I like your writing style and humor. Thanks.


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