Traveling Reflections

I’ve been traveling in the Western USA for the past few weeks, but I’m not sure I’ve left much of an impression.

When I return home to Denmark, most of the people that I know will ask me about my trip, what I experienced, which photos I took and the like. Those are the usual questions. My bank account will look terrible, and my house will not resemble the places that I have been visiting. Everything about where I have been will seem to be in contrast to where I started out, but why should I expect it to be otherwise?

My impact on the USA will be a few money transactions, a rented car and my footsteps in various desert areas, cities and the odd airport. I’m sure in that regard, my presence will not be noted as anything special, but more of a curious passing of a figure in a crowd of other places and people. My camera and Cellphone have captured many things, but only images of light, which I’ll be taking a copy of when I return to Denmark.

In some ways, I’d like to change my timeline and continue in this one in California. Oh, it might be too hot at times, and the cars and new things would take some getting used to, but I do have a presence here, whether I exist here or not.

Yesterday, I was in REI Co op which is a store that sells outdoor equipment. Both bikes, and hiking equipment, books and more. When I lived in California, I had my own membership card and used it often along with my VISA, obtained through the same company. The girl at the counter asked for my telephone number, but alas I only had a Danish one. No problem, she said, I’ll just type in your name. Sure enough the me from the past was still residing in their computer, as membership was after all, lifetime! I was still residing in Diamond Springs, where my sister still lives, and she told me of my “then” telephone number, as if I had just told her a few minutes before.

You see, a part of me has never left California, which would mean that I could just take up from where I left off! My wife and employer in Denmark might not understand, and the bank who has my house loan in a steady grip might just choose to do nasty things with me, even though I am sitting in warm California all the same. It might not be that easy getting a job due to my age, and I would have to rely on the charity of my family, until I found a place of my own to live in.

I’m sorry California, but my timeline exists somewhere else, and even though the thought is tempting, I need to follow my own destiny on another continent on this old planet. I would like to reserve the option of coming back again, and not as long as it took me to make this trip!

I will be spending a matter of time thinking this one through, when sitting in my office chair at home at my Danish PC. My travel souvenirs will most likely be next to me and the photos will be occupying some of my Hard drive Data Capacity, but that doesn’t matter at all.

I wish the California me well, and hope to see my again someday soon. Soon is just a word, you know, like travel, timeline and memory.

It’s nice to be remembering me there, me here, or wherever I happen to be, when being me, you know?………………………………


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