Women on My Trip

Well, there is just one woman that has accompanied so far on my trip…And she is a pain in the…..

A neighbor in Denmark told me before I left for the States, “I might just have a GPS device for you, if it has maps of the USA…”

Sadly, he didn’t get back to me, before I left, but no worry, I had my Smart Phone with me. I suppose, I could’ve changed the language to English, but since I do exist in Denmark most of the time, then I stayed with Danish.

“Venstre”, she said. That means Left. “Drej til Venstre” – turn to the left. I felt that she was getting a bit demanding, telling me which way to turn,  and getting rather repetitive in her anger, if I didn’t do so.

She was with me in LA, when I tried to find Santa Monica, or for the best vantage point for viewing the Hollywood Sign. She was on the freeways, and told me how to get myself lost in South El Monte. “Wallmart”, I said to her. “I need to find the closest Wallmart”.

She seemed to be stuck in the “Venstre mode”. “Left”, she continued to tell me. “To the left.” My good friend told me how to reach Wallmart, but not being very well versed in the area, I turned right, where I should have gone straight, or got confused, when I should have turned to the right on a red signal. That is permitted, you know? “Right turn on red.” Not everywhere, but where it didn’t tell me not to do so. “Venstre. Drej til Venstre”. I hate that tone in her voice. I wish she would sound a bit more sexy, telling me to “Turn to the left, Baby, or Honey, or whatever.”

There were apparently more than one Wallmart in the area, but she decided to steer me towards the one which was located on the left-hand side of the street. “Drej til venstre”. I knew better than to complain by now, as she knew best, and didn’t mince any words about that.

Finally, I was on my way out of LA with my GPS-babe on the seat next to me. She didn’t seem to care about turning to the left, when I finally got on Interstate 5 Northbound. She sat quietly on my right, saving her energy for the next exit, or opportunity to drive me crazy in the Golden State!

Drej til venstre……………………


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