Amsterdam Airport – Schiphol

This place is huge. I found a few maps of it, just to simplify things:


The airport, however, divides the maps up into arrivals and departures:

Easy huh? Well, it seems that I only had a short amount of time between flights, and the arrival gate and departure gate were on opposite sides of the airport! Then there was security, with shoes, and belt off, carry on luggage x-rayed, and a lot of twirling about in a body scanner. Then I was confused as to being an European, with an American Passport, which only delayed me even more.

At the Gate, there was a new security scan with more inspection of carry-on baggage, while I imagined the plane taxiing towards the runway.

I had already enjoyed my snack on the City Hopper from Denmark, with water from Turkey and Cake from Holland, but I was in a hurry and didn’t get a chance to sample the Tax-free shops, while running through that enormous airport on the way to my KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines flight to the USA.

Things seem to blur a bit in all of my haste.


but I had left Amsterdam behind me, for now anyway……………….



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