Have You Driven a Ford Lately?

I still remember a lot of those jingles that accompany advertisements in the USA.

“Have another Nutter Butter peanut butter cookie”, or “We’re American Airlines, doing what we do best”. If my words don’t do those things justice, then you can always hear the real thing on YouTube.

My rental car is a Ford Focus. Red. 5-door hatchback. Good on Fuel Economy. Red. Did I mention that before? It was Red.

When I got it in LA, it was dark. The rental office told me to pick it up at parking space number 63. Keys in the ignition.

I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of park. I saw scratches on the rear end. It was dark, in LA, I was tired and wanted to find my uncomfortable and expensive motel room near the Airport.

It has a sun roof, and a safety feature that honks the horn, when locking the car using the key. 2 times on the button, then “honk”. Irritating but effective.

It is red, you see. I’ve never in my life owned or driven a red car. It might have made my life better, or more exciting when I lived in LA. Owning a red car that is.

Automatic Gear with Air condition. My left foot was lost. It wanted to shift gears with the clutch. Cars with automatic gears in Denmark are not common. I’ve never owned one. And not a red car as well, or have I told you about that before now?

It has a gauge that tells me how my gas economy is doing. When going downhill, I can attain 99.9 Miles per Gallon, just not 100. While going uphill, the mileage is poorer, despite the fact that everyone around me is marveling at my Red Ford Focus, cutting up the highways with its distinctive style!

It is rather low, when I need to sit down. A low-rider seat of sorts in a Red Ford Focus in California.

It doesn’t seem to mind about its color. It flaunts itself, wherever I go.

It is surrounded by Ford Mustangs, which are even more haughty in their demeanor. I really think it wants to be a Mustang, as seen in the following photos.

There will always be Wanna-Bees in this life, and wanting to be a Ford Mustang, instead of a Ford Focus is no exception.

I just never learned a Ford Mustang Jingle to relate to you now.

I am there, somewhere in my California Dreams in my Ford Focus….


Red in color, if I forgot to mention that……


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