What? Jet Lag. Not Me.

One of the last times, I was out traveling, there was an article by Henry Kissinger about how to overcome Jet Lag.

Kissinger. Henry to his friends…No matter, it was about Jet Lag, you see.

You know those magazines that every airline has in the pouch in front of your seat?


They (the magazines) are flashy jobs, which tell about how fabulous the last city was, belonging to the airport that you only existed in for the last 2 hours or so. There is though an article, I can assure you, that tells about how to counter the effects of Jet Lag.

Not me. Not on my trip.

3am Day 2. I am wide awake. If I add 9 hours to be back on Danish time (CET Central European Time) then it would be 12 Noon. Why would that mean anything at all to me? +9 hours and counting. My daughter writes to me via Facebook Messenger. “Hi Dad, what are you doing?” I should be sleeping, or resting my mind, but I thought I’d wake up at 3am just to Chat with my daughter!

Why 3am? Why not?

The current article, not written by Henry the K. showed sheep jumping over a fence. Sheep, music or earplugs, nothing seemed to work. 3 airplanes. 3 airports. The main flight over the Atlantic to USA had plenty of food and drink, while the others had complimentary this or that, which means something close to nothing. Jump sheep, jump!


The first day/night in LA I awoke at 3am. 3am. No sheep in this room, just the roar of the Freeway outside my window, or an occasional Jet overhead in the nighttime skies.

My meals are not on time, nor is my usual routine. I am a traveler, driving a car in another time line, on other roadways, from point A-Los Angeles to point B-Los Angeles. Right turn allowed on Red Signal. U-turn not permitted. Starbucks Coffee on the right. I try not to think of Coffee. I roll over in my bed trying to sort things out. I really should be tired after having flown so many kilometers/miles over so many hours. I really should start looking for those sheep again.

I still can’t sleep. I turn on the TV and flip through the channels. Spanish TV – No. English – Yes. Traffic information. Traffic information at 3am? I must be in Los Angeles. A man has been reported to be walking on the on-ramp. The police begin to question him. Shots are fired. No more people on the roadway.

An accident involving many cars has occurred on Interstate 5, the Santa Ana Freeway. One of the cars has caught fire. Don’t use that Freeway, due to closure. I don’t seem to be getting any closure dealing with my Jet Lag.

There are amazingly a large number of websites offering sure-fire cures for Jet Lag. Try googling Jet+Lag+Sheep and see what you get. Sheep seem to be IN as a topic, but I didn’t subscribe to any of those cures, before I left Denmark.


I seem to be in Flashback Mode. I am back on that plane, one of the planes anyway. The fellows in front of me are enjoying themselves, talking watching their monitors, then catching a short/long Catnap.

I can’t sleep on airplanes. Even with earplugs and mask, I still can’t seem to relax on those large metal tubes. My seat is in the middle of the plane, which doesn’t give me the opportunity of looking out at the world below, watching the miles/kilometers fly by, laughing as the sheep below are left behind.

Was it like this before? Did I have the same troubles back then, or is age beginning to affect my sense of day and night?

It doesn’t matter. I can’t control what my body says, does, feels. I just wait until it catches up with the current time, and forgets about the last current time.

Then we can have this discussion once again, when I have to journey back again……


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