Don’t Say Souvenir, Say Junk!

I’ve told myself, time and again, “don’t collect brochures concerning tours and the like while on vacation.” I never listen to myself, unfortunately.

They seem so innocuous. Flashy and informative, some might say. Free souvenirs might be an excuse, but they end up at junk all the same.

Ticket stubs, boarding passes, receipts, crumpled maps, promises of experiences only found by taking a helicopter, or viewing the home of some Star, who is upset by the constant drone of helicopters..



Who wouldn’t want to know where Christiana Aguilera lives? “Over 30 Celebrity Mansions”. “$8 off your $38 food, non-alcoholic beverage or merchandise purchase.” Just what does that $8 get for you then? I guess I should go Whale Watching instead. 2-2½ hour cruise available November through mid-May. Dang. I’m here in September. What is in it for me? “Enjoy other tours from Harbor Breeze Cruises”. Children under 3 FREE. That’s good news, they are too young to remember anything anyway, and I’d hate for them to be scared by Whales from November through mid-May!

There they are, at every turn, these flashy brochures found at motels, tourist sites, airports, on every corner and in every business. Someone must be making money, because all that colored ink does cost money. My own printer at home is very good at reminding me that my ink cartridge has gone dry, and for the measly sum of ..!..then I can get the color, bleu in my photos again!


Wow. This might just be something for me! “It’s time to take another look at Richard Nixon”, or Harry Potter, perhaps? I’m not visiting LA that many days. What to choose, what to choose? Perhaps that helicopter can fly over Nixon’s Home, then through the Harry Potter Studio, then the Whale Tour, but only if it is from November to mid-May!

I realize that if I hadn’t collected these “throw-away-ables” then I wouldn’t be able to drive the point across with this blog, so they weren’t entirely wasted.

Toss them now? I could just scan them, one by one, and drool over the slick color photographs showing me all of the choices that I didn’t choose on my vacation?

I’ll be kicking myself for years to come, not having seen Christiana Aguilera’s mansion, but more so, for not knowing who she was in the first place!

Every time, from this time forward, I see a helicopter in Denmark, no not those big Military Jobbies, I’ll think of how I could have been on that Hollywood tour, with free 2-hour parking, including Wax Museum and a revitalized Richard Nixon Home – with Digital improvements!

They were, however, cheap souvenirs and worthy of a brag or two, that I got them while in LA. I never intended to use any of those suggestions, but that is not the point, is it?

The point is to brag about those places and shake my head in wonderment, together with those i read them with, that “Those Americans, huh?” Whatta you think about them? Yes, it is a big place, but don’t hold it against them, because they don’t know any better, do they?

They do make nice brochures though………………….




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