Minneapolis International Airport- Inbound USA

This is number 2 in my series on airports during my trip to the USA.

Minneapolis Airport was much kinder to me than Amsterdam. Oh, there was Immigration check and Security restrictions, but I felt as if I was one step closer to my destination, and everyone spoke American English to boot!

Minneapolis is a funny place. The airport anyway. I like to look upon these places as if I never had visited the USA before, or had just been transported there by my alien spacecraft!

I took a $20 dollar bill out of my wallet to buy a coke. I apologized for the size of it, being $20 and all, but that didn’t seem to faze them whatsoever. During my absence of not visiting the USA for 16 years, inflation had rewritten my impressions of the value of the American Dollar. I thought that $20 was a lot of money, but even though I converted it from Danish Kroner to USD, and back again, I couldn’t make it fit in any way, shape or form.

I just sat there, biding my time and looking at the coins in my hand. The coins seemed to be thinner than I remembered them and their value was greatly diminished. If $20 wasn’t what it was, then they were less value then what they were before as well?

Security was tight. So tight that some of the other passengers objected to the taking photographs of the runway and airplanes from the waiting area.


I explained what I did, and the Security Guard told me that it was allowed to take photos, and if I had anymore trouble about doing so, then he would back me up 100%!

I guess, it’s not easy dealing with us foreigners? Funny though how I had just come through Immigration without any trouble whatsoever.

Here is a photo taken, just before reading the sign, “No photos allowed here!”


and I didn’t take the above photo, just to make that point perfectly clear!

Then there were the customary questions about who I was, where I came from and where I was going. No problemo – “You are an American and can stay for as long as you like!”

Wow, I love this Country!

When I looked outside, I imagined, I saw my plane to Los Angeles, just waiting for me to board it.


It might have been my imagination, but I was ready to move on to my final destination, Los Angeles International Airport, LAX……



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