Food That I’ve Missed Tasting

I tend to daydream, now and again, about things that I once ate while growing up in the USA, but don’t have access to here in Denmark.

I used to work delivering newspapers in the dead of night. One of my stops was at a Donut shop, where I transferred some of my newspapers to another driver, and managed to eat a Bear Claw or two, while I waited for him.

Bear Claws and Donut holes. Now they exist only in my dreams.

Oh, don’t get me wrong about donuts. They are found here in Denmark, just not all of them at the same time, like in the States. Coming into a Dounut Store. Smelling those smells. Having them stick to my clothing while I left once again. Donut smells all day long!

Mexican Food is another thing. In Denmark there are two grades of hot. Mild and Spicy. Both of them being misnomers, for me anyway. Sometimes I might find Extra Hot and Spicy, which would only qualify for a tasty Mild as compared to what is found in California.


Look here. Hot, thick and chunky! And hot is hot!


It even has its own saying, “Flavor this bold, never gets old!

Fiesta like there’s no mañana with Chi-Chis Salsa and chips”

It tells it like it is, and doesn’t make any excuses for being a “Hot” sauce manufactured in Belgium, where they forgot to add the “Hot” to the sauce!

Have you ever awakened one day in Denmark with an uncontrollable urge for Cinnamon flavored Red HotTamales? No problemo. Just boogie on down to the nearest 7-11 (yes, we have them in Denmark) and lay your $2 on the counter. What? No, HotTamales? What is wrong with this Country?


Can you feel it? Can’t you just imagine the artificial cinnamon flavor in your mouth?

I can…………


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