Traveling by iPhone 4s 16

I used to have piles of maps in my pickup when I lived in California. AAA maps, Topographic Maps, you name it, I had it!

On this trip, I only have my iPhone. It seems a bit uncluttered, without all that paper in the car, but don’t worry about clutter, as I have charging cords, power banks and cigarette lighter adapters galore!

I’ve already introduced you to my GPS Danish-speaking guide, who has hounded me in and around Los Angeles. She continues on my route through the Desert, the Mountains, and probably will accompany me to San Francisco as well.

My iPhone 4s 16 has other talents as well. I am a bit embarrassed by not having a cracked glass, or major scratches on the backside, but I’m hoping that better times, showing that I am just like everyone else, will come! It isn’t as fast as the newer cellphones, and cannot use the newest Apps. I found that out while still in Denmark, when KLM airlines offered me their App to keep track of my journey. After having to remember my Apple ID and my devilishly clever password, which I had to look up of course, I then downloaded the App waiting for the best, but expecting the worst, as the saying goes.

“Sorry”, the iPhone told me, “your iOS is too old to use this App”. A part of me wanted to visit my local Humac Store and get the latest iPhone, so I too could enjoy the newest features and advantages of this new device. My bank account though thought otherwise. “Haven’t you spent enough on your pre-planning?” it seemed to say, putting “I want” and “I need” into a better perspective, than I had previously had thought about, so I put those thoughts on the back-burner for now.

No matter, as my iPhone 4s 16 (it seems important to young people to keep on reminding myself, what the cellphone is, and what it can do, by saying those things aloud!) was to be my true companion on this journey, new Apps or not.

I find it nice to be able to whip out my iPhone 4s 16, and take a photo when I choose to. My old Sony Digital Camera would want to check the atmospheric conditions, the battery and if the lens wanted to retract, before it was ready, which usually meant that the unique thing, that I wanted to catch on film, oops sorry, flash memory, was long and gone. My iPhone 4s 16 has shown me, that my memories can indeed be saved through its 8 megapixel lens, for my future enjoyment and need to remember the details of my trip.

Both my kids have the newer iPhone 6s 64, which tends to put my iPhone 4s 16 to shame. Their iPhones are faster, sleeker and more young-friendly, which seems to fit their ages and dispositions better than my iPhone 4s 16. “Old School” might describe my Cellphone, which fits by the way with their “Old School” father.

I would have rambled on and on, but my GPS Babe is telling me to turn to the left towards my next destination. It’s kind of like having my wife in the car with me, just without the constant reminders that I missed that last turn, and that I didn’t hear the noise that the left/right turn directionals make, because I needed that hearing aid, which would make everyone’s life easier and better and……

My iPhone 4 16 doesn’t seem to nag me as much, or tell me that I’m getting old. “Grow old with me baby!” might just be the epitaph that will adorn our grave site, if I decide that we should be buried together! Other than those few demanding times, when I visited California in September 2016, she/it seemed to treat me well! We didn’t make unreasonable demands on each other and she/it seemed to accept my iPhone 4s 16 for what it was.

And all 3 of us turned left together…….




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