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Are You Thinking the Same?

B1 and B2. Need I say more?

OK. Maybe I need to explain things a bit more? I guess, if I didn’t have Wonder Dog as the symbol of this blog, I could have used the photo at the end of this blog.

When I got back from the States, my luggage was placed in the way, in order to trip over it and curse its existence. Dirty laundry and boarding passes seemed to abound, but where was that special souvenir, for that special someone? I emptied the suitcases onto my table and tried to organize things as much as possible. Funny how those brochures and things found along the way, looked more interesting when they still lived in California?

The candy and other exotic tastes from California were placed by my PC monitor. Hmm, there aren’t as many things as I thought! Then when the dirty laundry was removed, there were even less things than before.

On TV, there were Advertisements for traveling with SAS. Fly with us! No way! I’ve had enough of Airports and layovers and security checks. After just 2 hours of sleep, I was at no less than 4 airports over a period of 35 hours!

At home in Denmark, things were not any different. The Danish Travel Agency which provided me with my rental car in California, was sending me more Travel Offers. “Remember how you added your e-mail address? “Where is that “unsubscribe” button at?”

A fellow at work asked when I was going traveling again? Any destinations in mind?

Yes. In my backyard. Around the block. Close by. No airports/planes/boarding passes…


Suitcase 1 says to Suitcase 2. “Are you thinking the same thing that I am?”

Suitcase 2 replies, “I am. Of course I am!”


Let’s go traveling together!……………………..

Just not me, I’m afraid. The blogging business has hit a snag in the road, for a while at least, so you’ll just have to hum a travel song, or read the other posts for a while.

Don’t get your hopes up that I’ve hit the road once again for places unknown, because I get like this now and again, just a bit bored with what I am doing.

It might be the melancholy of the Danish Autumn, or a restlessness in my soul, but whatever it is, it has taken hold of me and my interest in WordPress. Hey, I even completed the 2016 WordPress Survey without having someone beside me pointing at the correct answers!

Maybe there are no correct answers, or perhaps I need to do some serious jigsaw puzzles in order to get my head straight again? I’m not sure, but one thing that is certain is the proximity of Wonder Dog, who by the way is at my feet as I write this, dreaming his dog dreams perhaps of Lassie’s Star on Hollywood Blvd, I don’t know…..


so I might just do some dreaming together with him….


Meanwhile, Back in Denmark.

You see how the power of blogging, allows me to write about Denmark, while I am still stuck in Yosemite National Park in California, which is sometimes called Viborg!

Autumn days with the usual cold, foggy type of weather has descended upon us. Today, if you were really lucky, not like me, the sun shone a few places, usually within my sight, just too far away to enjoy.

I went to the local grocery store, taking Wonder Dog with me. He only needs to see me swing my keys in the air, which means that we are going Drive-Drive, instead of Walk-Walk. No, I don’t just use Baby Talk with him, just with you!


I kept thinking the camera on my telephone needed cleaning, but I’m pretty sure it is this Country that is lacking clarity.

Wonder Dog decided to appear in one, or two of the photos, along with some really foreign stuff, like an info board telling about this Burial Mound (that roundish-looking clump of grass in the background). If you really squeezed your eyes together, you’d see the sun shining in the background, but even I doubt that I saw anything like that, after seeing the above photos myself?

If your imagination is in working order, you might just see a bit of sunlight in the direction, that Wonder Dog is looking, but don’t worry if no one else believes you, as people have told me that I’m filled with hooey for many years now!

I’ve tried polishing my telephone camera, and blowing my steamy breath to help it as well, but I’m afraid that you’ll just have to accept Denmark as being rather fog shrouded and mysterious instead.

We even have people dressed in Clown Costumes, terrorizing the locals and causing wonder and anger about the Country that spawned such behavior. I forget which Country that is, and it is better than I change the subject once again!

8 degrees Celsius has been the high temperature today, which is 46 degrees Fahrenheit for the rest of the civilized world.

That is all for today from Viborg, or a place that resembles Viborg, but definitely not Yosemite National Park…

Description of Burial Mound, called Oddershøj.(translated using Google Translate, plus some additional work by me)

 Oddershøj is thought to be a burial mound from the Bronze Age.
The burial mound's size and location suggest that the mound has been the 
setting of a distinguished person's funeral. Urns were found inserted
on the sides of the hill. The mound is built up of grass turf, and 
unlike similar mounds, the sides of this one are very well preserved. 
Avoid traffic and wear on the mound and help to protect it for the future.

One of Three One Photo Blogs

I’m running out of original titles for this blog. This might have been called, “One Photo Blog, the se-sequel”, or Another nother One Photo Blog?


This should get some eyes a popping? I’m not sure, but one of these young women seem to have collapsed in this automobile. Or is she really saying, “Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache!”.

I wanted to visit 54 Geary  Street in order to find out the real story behind this photo.

Here is the link if you are interested:

My interest has been piqued, what about yours? Just look at the above text link, and that should wash away any doubts in your mind!

It says lingerie, but what is the real story about those 2 women. Remember, this is taken in San Francisco, and anything can happen there!

The young lady on the left seems to be wearing a policeman’s hat, but the rest of her attire, is scanty at best. She might be aiding and assisting, but the expressions on their faces suggest something else!

You guessed it! They are saying, “Where is the closest Donut Shop?”

“I would kill for a donut”, the one on the right had just said, which made the Policewoman say, “We’ve got laws in this city for crimes of that nature”, which made the young woman on the right, swoon with dismay.

How about my readers? Doesn’t that seem like a plausible premise????


What Do You Miss the Most?

What is the picture, that means the most to me after my trip to the USA?

It is this one here:

Of the Desert, and the Mountains.


Here is a photo of Mt Williamson 4383m. Now residing as my desktop photo.

In the foreground is the Owens Valley in Eastern California. The Mountains are called The Sierra Nevada and are just receiving the first rays of sunlight from over the Inyo Mountains to the East, over the desert where I was camped for the night.


Source: Google Maps

Names and elevations are important, but the feeling that this picture gives me, is by far more important than any of those things. The warmth of the desert by day, and the coolness by night. The utter silence combined with the high mountains are worth traveling long distances to experience, and I still hold those memories as fresh as can be.

Just before I turn off my PC in a moment, the lingering image of Mt Williamson will be the last thing that I see.

I can still remember the quiet and the warmth………..


Linda This, and Linda That

Why has the Travel gone out of this blog? Why has Linda become more important, than what I had experienced in California?

Hard questions to answer. I guess, it’s time to combine the two, and tell about the time, when we went to the Desert together. Just her and I, enjoying each others company, not expecting the wrong person to show up and put our love to the ultimate test.

“Which her and I”, you might ask? From time to time, I asked myself that same question. It seemed to get confusing after a while, with the one best friend, or the other.

My mother would just have shaken her head in dismay, if she only knew the truth about us. “Why not the one, instead of the other?” “Why not get it over with, and tell the wrong one, who the right one really is?”

Mom usually didn’t usually involve herself with “matters of love”. She knew better than that. She tried to point me in the right direction, leaving it up to me to take the wrong turn, or U-turn as it were?

Linda’s mother was the same way. She used to sigh, when she opened the front screen door and saw me there, with flowers in my hand, waiting anxiously for Linda to show up and make my day. She used to crane her neck and look over my shoulder, as if she expected Linda’s best friend to be on the way over, wielding a baseball bat, or a Saturday Night Special. She feared for Linda’s life, what with our forbidden love on the one side, and a jealous best friend on the other. She too tried to tell Linda to “make up her mind, before…”, but Linda was determined to see this to the bitter end, cost what it will.

I suggested some time alone for the two of us to spend some quality time together, before making any rash decisions. She agreed and told her mother, or they told their mothers, that a short trip to the desert was warranted, and they would be home in a few days.

They traveled together in the Ford Mustang owned by Linda’s best friend. She had affectionately named it “Trenton”, which was to be the name of our first born child, after of course we were married in the Catholic Church and at least 9 months had passed. I didn’t have the nerve to tell her, that her choice of religion gave me the willies, and that I preferred to experience God in all living things. She told me that sounded like a way to escape the inevitable, and suggested a pause in our relationship to get our priorities right!

I can see now that this “Travel Blog” has out stepped its boundaries and is traveling into the unknown!

Linda and her best friend will just have to wait for the next blog, but I do have a portion of a photo that Linda gave me, those many years ago, to keep your interest intact.


I’m afraid, if I show you anymore of her at this point in time, you too will feel the raw passion that this woman possesses!


Another One Picture Blog

I must say that the first one picture blog really set the tone for this blog site. Now I can see what kind of people my readers really are, and of the quality that demand for my blogs!

The picture in question is right here:


All bathroom humor aside. This is someplace where I would feel safe. Someplace where I knew that I was protected against earthquake, fire and other complications.

Out in the desert, fending off stray motorists with my movable traffic cone, a telephone pole nearby, and the ultimate of all protections against leakage!

What would my friends have said if they had been there with me? “What do you think, he is doing, taking that picture? Is it something unsaid, that needs to be said, but the words are lacking? Is the color blue significant, or the placement of the traffic cone?”

My friends would probably want to ponder the moment in the quiet of their own thoughts. Some things here in this life, are way too deep, or way too fluid to ponder out in the open, in Eastern California, wanting and waiting for an answer, but none is forthcoming!

This might just qualify for my favorite photo of the entire trip! It might have, but then the trip has just begun at this point in time, and there were many uneven steps ahead…….

End of Another One Photo Blog!


Sightseeing Almost

I love sightseeing in other places. That is the whole point of sightseeing. I’ve tried doing the same here in Denmark, but it all seems so familiar that it doesn’t seem foreign at all anymore.

When I was visiting my Sister in Northern California, I asked to visit the local hardware store in search of some pruning shears. I had purchased a pair over 40 years ago, and they still work fine. “What if” has entered my mind which means that they might decide to break after all those years, then I would have to use/buy a foreign, unknown pair of the same. I am not that young anymore, which means that not all changes are readily acceptable.

My Sister said that the biggest selection was at Home Depot, but she didn’t sound happy visiting there. It was reminiscent of my own Hardware Store which is modeled after Home Depot in many ways. The customers also complain about biggest selection, but…..


OK. but it wasn’t her favorite place to be, for some reason or other. Perhaps it was just too big, or the employees were indifferent to her presence?


I thought that the signs were well-placed, up high where you might not notice them, and were luckily printed in 2 languages. I love learning languages!

The next photos might make some of you think, that I only took them to brag about them to my buddies back home in Denmark?


That was way off base with those thoughts! Everyone, I know in Denmark, at that hardware store, and in the Plumbing Department where I might work some of the time, would have found these photos interesting and informative!

Along with the next one:


Look at how faucets are designed in California! Fascinating, you might say?

“Remember Honey. The next time we are visiting Bora-Bora, be sure to take a photo of their hardware store, OK?”

Sexy, some might call it, but only if you were suffering from work related stress, which I am not!

Well, I didn’t end up finding those pruners, but I managed to visit a truly interesting stop along my Sightseeing Journey in California!

My Sister seemed happy as well, when we finally exited that shop, remarking how “It wasn’t as bad, as I remembered it”, which shows how a True Hardware Experience, is a thing of beauty!

PS. I wanted to stand those Plungers up, the ones with the orange handles on the bottom left of that photo, but then not everyone has my sense of order and perfectionism!

I might just send the above photo to Home Depot in California and suggest that they do that, before the next Hardware Tourist comes along.

Home Depoting in California………..