Stores Near Your Location

I’m already getting advertising from the USA about a particular sporting good’s store named REI. I was and apparently still am a member, even though it has been a few years (and a few more kilometers), than it might be wise to consider?

Here was the first indication that something was wrong:


REI assumed that I was only 41.59 miles away, which didn’t seem to fit at all!

Then I tried another approach by hitting “back” on the browser:


The red ink at the top of the page should have tipped me off, but I was determined to save money at the location nearest me, and took my search to another site on the Internet:


Now I could see the route and the flying time, but it didn’t really explain the rocket ship at the top of the chart? I also hoped they used parachute drop offs, as I don’t exactly live in Copenhagen, but when traveling at those speeds, the time difference is minimal.

Some of you might question, why I don’t use the original cities, that clearly are closer to this side of the Atlantic?


There are a number of stores on USA’s Eastern Seaboard, but I thought that once a loyal customer, always a loyal customer, which made me choose the store closest to my sister’s house,  and the shortest distance for her to drive and pick up that odd 100 kilo water tank, or the like for me.

I’m not sure, when I’ll be visiting REI again, but I like getting the newsletter with all of its bargains, showing me that membership does have its advantages……



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