What Can I Get You in California?

About a million years ago, when I went to High School in Southern California, there was a girl, I knew.

Don’t start pointing fingers and rolling your eyes, it was not like that at all. She was the best friend of my girlfriend, back then, and..

No, I did not desire her. OK, I might have suggested that we move in together, but that was only due to an acute housing shortage and, well forget it. You wouldn’t believe me anyway!

Well, the short and the tall of it is that she moved away first, then I did, and somehow in the ensuing 35 or so years, we managed to lose touch with each other. I finally managed to Google her  one day a few years back, and re-establish contact with her.

“STOP” – my readers are saying. What does this have to do with California?

Well, we now communicate via Facebook, even though we are not friends as such. I send her phantom messages through the cosmic ether, and she returns them later or sooner.

Here is her picture: linda

which shows all of you doubters out there, why I’ve thought about her over all these many years!

Well, the story continues in Minneapolis. While at the airport, I get the following message:

“So, I’m thinking maybe today is the day you’re flying?”

You see, we really are on the same wavelength!

She really hit that one on the head!

When I asked her if I should take a picture or two of any familiar places, she replied: “Take a photo of you hugging a Palm Tree!”


You see how it is, not connected on Facebook, but connected all the same:


Here is that photo of me in Santa Monica, hugging……

A Palm Tree, of course!

Thinking of you, Linda…………………


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