Dos and Don’ts of Motel Living

I stayed at two motels while in the Los Angeles Area. Only 2 mind you, then I hit the road for the Desert and the Camping Life!

The first motel/hotel was nearby Los Angeles International Airport. Expensive in its cheapness, but close enough to merit a mention from a travel weary American!


It looked nice, and had a pool for all the good it did us, but it was inside with soft warm beds, so WD and I turned in for the night.

It had modern amenities like:


this Low Rider LA Special Water Closet, with extra low seating for you young folk out there.

The second motel was even better at half the price. Quiet, with its own refrigerator and microwave oven, though it had a funny note taped on the wall near the ironing board:


I guess one of the things to steal is/are irons and ironing mats? I only wish I had room in my suitcase, and hadn’t paid for the room by Credit Card, or I might have gotten a first class souvenir, only having been in the LA Area for the third day!

I didn’t expect to return there again, but I wouldn’t want to say never ever.


With my bad luck, I might just be getting a one-way ticket to someplace, not necessarily on my tourist agenda, and which most certainly would mess up the rest of my time (however long) in the Golden State!

I looked forward to camping more, and more…………………


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