Santa Monica, California – The Pictures

Some of you are probably thinking, when are the pictures coming? I actually don’t worry about those kind of questions, as I am sitting on them, as it were.

Just for the sake of argument, I’ll include a few more in this blog. The first one is included as a “Teaser” for all of you out there, who didn’t get enough of “Linda” from my last blog.


Linda is on the right, while my girlfriend, whose arm is visible, is on the left. Linda is playing “hard to get” by hiding her face behind her hand, but that just made her more mysterious back then. Remember, it was the unseen person on the left who was my primary interest back then, but by now you’ll believe anything, I have to tell you!


Shots in and around Santa Monica.


I realize that these photos don’t tell the whole story, but then most of you are probably still thinking about Linda and why she was so mysterious?

If I told you all of the juicy details in this one blog, then what in the world would I write about in the next one?


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