Stuck in the Wrong Gear

Some people might just say that this blog is just that?

What happened to Wonder Dog?

Why is Los Angeles so important, even though it is the City that you love to hate?

What really happened with Linda?

You see, a site like mine is a natural magnet for questions like those. I think that I must be stuck in the wrong gear, otherwise we would know just where this blog was going! It might just be those darn mosquito bites that have been gnawing away at me, or those incessant dreams that remarkably have been in English over the last 2 weeks, or so!

Well, Wonder Dog is alive and well, even though he wouldn’t understand all of the concern over him.

Here he is in one of his lighter moments, trying to convince himself that the ball on the ground is the right one to play with?

He was with me on the trip down my Inner Ear, but chose to step out of the limelight for a while to let me go on and on about Linda, and why Los Angeles was not worth taking all of those pictures anyway.

About those mosquito bites, well they continue to itch and cause me distress. You might know how it is, standing there at the pharmacy, perusing the 101 different cures for mosquito bites, then your mind starts to wonder about Linda and those good times together with her in Los Angeles, and before you know it, you are back at the off-leash area, choosing the right ball to throw for your dog!

I feel like life goes round in circles, but then I am stuck in the wrong gear, you know…….


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