What Even the Poets Don’t Know

“What went wrong between you and Linda?” It seems like some of you just won’t let that subject go.

While in LA, I visited the house of my former girlfriend, no not Linda, unfortunately.


There I stood, at the house that I used to visit, all those years ago. It might have been that her parents didn’t like me, or that her friends ended up telling her to drop me, but it was here, in that house, with the furniture covered with plastic, and the heavy drapes hiding the outside world from hers, that the whole thing began.

“Why not Linda, why her best friend?”

That is one of those questions that will always haunt me. “Why not Linda?”

I suppose some of you might blame me for choosing Linda’s best friend, and not her. It might just be one of those twists of fate, that drove me into the arms of her best friend, one dark and lonely night, when Linda was out of town, or out on a lark. It might have happened like that, when her friend was nearby and willing, and Linda was just not home.

Fate seemed to step into our lives on that night. Now even the poets won’t know what to say. Now even Linda will have to look back to that painful time in our lives, and ask “Why?”

I wouldn’t blame her one bit for being upset at what happened. I understand that the choice that I made that night, changed our lives forever. She moved away as did I, when the relationship soured and we drifted apart. At that time, it was too late to beg Linda’s forgiveness and plead with her to come back to me. Done is done, they say!

Years went past without a word. I married and moved to Denmark, but wondered from time to time, what had happened to Linda and her best friend from Montebello, that small town in Southern California? What happened then, and what did the future still hold for us?

I guess, Linda has forgiven me for the past. She has written a bit via Facebook, and doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against me, and my youthful escapades! Past is past, but I still wonder where we both would have ended up, if that one fateful night never had occurred?

What would the poets, have to say about that?……………….


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