National Parking in Yosemite Valley (2) The Viewpoints!

Enough of all this nostalgia business. If any of you remember, this blog had reached Yosemite, but has stalled in the process of other things.

Here is a map adapted from the National Park Service:


The 2 circles show Washburn Point (lower circle) and Glacier Point (upper circle). The Yosemite Vally, perhaps the most famous area of this Park is seen to the left of these 2 circles, and will be the subject of another blog.

Washburn Point offers fine views of Half Dome and the waterfalls to its right. This late in the year, only a thin stream of water is to be observed from Nevada or Vernal Falls, but the views of the Valley and the high country are unsurpassed.

Liberty Cap and the High Country in the background.


North Dome (2299m) on the left and Basket Dome on the right. Sorry about that Jeffrey Pine, but Nature doesn’t always cooperate!


View of Half Dome (2694m) from Washburn Point (2280m).


View of Half Dome (right), and Mt Hoffmann (3309m), (rear center) the Geographic Center of Yosemite National Park, with Basket Dome (right bottom) and North Dome (left bottom) also visible. (seen below)


Mt Starr King (2772m) located to the southeast of Washburn Point.


Views to the South.


There was a bit of glare, but that was due to the early morning light. Just down the road lies Glacier Point, where equally good panoramas can be seen, but not until the next blog in this series.

Viewpoints of Yosemite can be found here:

Additional info in other languages can be found here:








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