Desert Sun, Sunset,Sunrise (part 1)


Let me introduce you to the High Desert of California. Actually, it is called the Great Basin and is located in Eastern California.waynes-iphone-357

It borders the mountain range, called Sierra Nevada and lies in the shadows of some of its highest peaks.waynes-iphone-358

To the north and east lie the White Mountains. White Mountain Peak is the dark, rather pointy peak in the right background. It is the 3rd highest peak in California with its elevation being 14,264 ft/4342m), in the mid background, on the same mountain range, is the flatish peak, Boundary Peak located in Nevada, just over the border from California (4007m)waynes-iphone-360

The shadows are growing longer, bringing yet another day to a close. It’s been hot today, with the shadows being a short respite from the Desert heat.



The sun is going down over the Sierra Nevada, plunging the campground into a cool, shadyness. waynes-iphone-362

The higher peaks are still enjoying the sun, with Basin Mtn. (4,020m) coming in on the right with its jagged outlines. waynes-iphone-373

The sun has set over Round Valley, California.


source: Google Maps

The stars are coming, with Scorpio visible above the crest of the Sierra, its red dwarf, Antares burning bright in the increasing darkness.

Tomorrow it will be exciting to see the sun come up over the White Mountains, illuminationg the Sierra Nevada from my side of this grand mountain range.

Continued in part 2.


6 thoughts on “Desert Sun, Sunset,Sunrise (part 1)

      • I was born in Tucson, AZ and grew up in Orange County, California. I transplanted myself in the desert here in Las Vegas 3 years ago and I miss the Pacific Ocean every day, but I have a great place for 1/4 the price of what I would have paid in Southern California. There are a what a beautiful natural wonders here in Nevada that I’ve never seen yet but I am going to be exploring this year.

        Great to meet you!

        Paulette Motzko


      • Missing the Pacific Ocean, or the Desert, or especially The Sierra Nevada is no more apparent to me than thinking that I started in Southern California, and ended up in Denmark! “Never say never”, a statement that my father told me many times, never realizing the far reaching realities of that statement. You just never know what Life will bring you, especially when you say “Yes” Let’s try something new….

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, indeed. Nevada is polar opposite from Southern California and there are many things I don’t like about the town from disability resources, higher crime rate etc, but I do like the fact that I can afford living here and the big businesses love my writing and photography. How long have you lived in Denmark?

        Paulette Motzko


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