Socialism – No Thank You

While visiting an old friend in Southern California, we spoke a bit about life in Denmark.

He wasn’t much for Socialism, which could have meant Communism, which is still bad, if you are an American, that is.

Here is where it is all wrong: Private ownership. Hey, I own my house in Denmark! Well, I don’t own it per se, but the bank lets me pay them every month for the privilege of living in it!

Taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Nope, that was Robin Hood-ism.

High Taxes. Got that right. The rich, or them that earn the most, are taxed more than the poor. That allows for a more even society! Sounds more like Communism to me!

VAT Value Added Tax. In Denmark that means that everything has a 25% Tax on it. Food, cars, you name it, there is that included tax on it. Then there is tax on wages. Higher tax on Gasoline. Sounds like the Government is running things over here!

What does Socialism mean to me (no, not Communism). Well, it means that Health Care is free, including hospital visits, visits to doctors (both GPs and specialists), Libraries, Recycling Centers, Universities (Sounding more like Communism in Cuba and USSR!). Monthly money for students in higher education – not much, but then, it doesn’t need to be paid back.

OK. I have convinced myself over the many years of living here, but is that the whole thing? No, because there are Trade Unions as well. Trade Unions that have secured a work week of 37 hours. 6 weeks of paid vacation and decent working conditions. No, they don’t talk about Solidarity, but they do wave a red flag and sing songs that are reminiscent of Communism! (only from my viewpoint, that is).

Why Socialism, you might ask? Well, by taxation and laws that distribute the wealth more evenly (Back to Communism again), then the difference between rich and poor is not that great. Social problems are also not that large, which means that the other minuses of the large difference between rich and poor = higher crime rate, higher drug use, more misery, just aren’t to be found on a large scale. Don’t get me wrong. There is still crime and drug abuse, but most crimes don’t involve firearms.

What! No Firearms! Nope, because they are not allowed in Denmark, unless you are a hunter or member of the military, or home guard. AK47s and Uzi also don’t qualify as hunting weapons!

I guess, I crossed the line on that one. No Guns! That must qualify as Communism. The drawback for that kind of thinking is that there aren’t any school shootings, or paramilitary groups, who are stockpiling weapons to overthrow the federal government! At least, I don’t think so. Who knows in the world today, where groups of crazies want to cause harm to others?

Denmark is also a staunch ally of the USA, NATO and UN. I guess, you could say that Russia was as well, if you dropped the NATO part, then I guess, we’d be bedfellows with the Commies anyway!

That is my view of Socialism in Denmark…….

Or, Communism if you feel better about thinking that…….


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