Chili Today?

This might be a blog about the injustices that I found while in the United States. People who work on Holidays, or on jobs without the magic word, Benefits!

It might be a blog about the weather. Chilly today, I think not. When I was in Los Angeles it was pushing the high 20s.


Just not when I took this shot. Only 24 on that day!

Chili could mean with meat, or Chili con carne! Heaven only knows how much Mexican Food, I managed to eat while in Los Angeles and in the rest of California! Tortillas anyone?

This is actually about Los Angeles and Chilies. See how I cleverly worked that into the blog, before any of you guessed, what it was about?

At a supermarket in Los Angeles, I was met by the sight of the following items. Enjoy!


My mouth is both burning and watering at the same time!

“Do you want any chilies at the store today dear?”

“How many kilos should I bring home…………..”


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