Tasting the Pacific Ocean

Ever tasted the Pacific Ocean? I did, while on my most recent trip there.

The first tasting is always the most memorable. Kind of like your first real good red wine, or the first time you kissed someone, who wasn’t your grandmother, that is!

Here is the beach at Santa Monica.


The following pictures were taken, where the above circle is located.

How did it taste?

Salty. No big surprise there, but the Mediterranean is much saltier!

It’s always nice to have a comparison, you know.

The next photos are taken at the Pacific near San Francisco.


Both maps loaned from Google Maps.


The verdict: Salty as well!

I must admit to not being able to compare it to any other places, as my taste buds were influenced by the ocean at Santa Monica!

I really should have hopped on the first plane to Greece and tasted the waters there, in order to give credibility to this blog….but I didn’t.

I’d like to hear from you out there if you’ve tasted any bodies of water nearby your home, or while you were away on vacation. If successful, we can make a WordPress site displaying the “Waters of the World”!

Remember: Salty is not the same thing everywhere.

-But don’t take my word for it…..


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