What If?

Things have been strangely silent between Linda and me. Way too silent.

The last thing that Linda wrote to me was, “What if?”. What if my old girlfriend read about what Linda and I could have had together. What if she found out about our secret after all these years? What if that, was the real reason for her disappearance on Facebook?

There are just too many unanswered questions. Linda might just say, that it was better that I never chose to visit her house in Southern California. She might also say, that it was better to leave well enough alone, lest it go wrong. Way wrong….

What if it had been Linda, all those years ago? What if I was still living in the USA, lying in the arms of Linda, never thinking back to her best friend, and how it could have ended?

I don’t know, if I can take another message from Linda on Messenger. I’m not sure what feelings, deep down inside of me will be awakened, like a mighty sleeping love beast, that has waited years to raise its head and break free of its bonds!

What if?

It’s only Linda that has the answer to that.

Only Linda…………….


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