Who Really Cares, Where You Have Been?

Traveling is a funny thing. Only those that were with you on your trip, can really understand, what you’ve done while away.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. USA. Blah.Blah.

I might as well tell about my recent trip to the wall, for all the response, I’ve gotten from my co-workers. Some of them have visited the States, while others wouldn’t be found dead there.

“Everything you’ve told us about your trip just confirms our suspicions.”

What suspicions? It sounds like they wouldn’t want to travel there, no matter what reasons anyone would have to visit such a place.

One fellow at work has shown interest in my travels, and that has led to a number of discussions at our lunch break. Why, how and which ones? How do they do that, and why? Those kind of questions make me think more about my vacation, and how to explain things that I just took for granted. Language being the bridge between us with me translating English to Danish, while we consider the things that I have experienced/seen.

Everyone else in the room are occupied with their Cellphones. They might nod in agreement, if asked their opinion, but their body language says, “I don’t care anyway”.

People will of course have told about their trip to Italy, or Greece, with the Mediterranean being the popular goal of many Summer Travelers. Why should it be any different with them? Traveling is just that, the same whatever/wherever you go. Europeans are just as foreign as Americans can be, so why should their travel experiences be any different than mine?

My wife has been in the US before, so it was easiest to tell her about my trip. “Let me see your pictures” she said, and that brought being there alive and important once again for the both of us. Her family has also expressed interest in my trip, but I know that a short retelling will be better received than a long one. They had been to Greece last year, but then that was different, you know?

Writing travel blogs is another way of working through my travels, making me think about what I have experienced and why that is/was important to me. That is really what it boils down to, what was important to me. A part of me wants to keep my trip for myself, because I will always give it my full attention and level of interest, not worrying about boring others with my endless descriptions of faraway places and people.

Alas, some of my traveling stories, I’ll be keeping to myself, but then you’ll never know what you missed out on, by not traveling with me……


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