An All American Restroom

It’s funny how things are different from Country to Country. It’s not like I miss all those things in the USA, but they are reminiscent of my former life there, those many years ago!

Consider this Men’s Restroom in the California city of Folsom, near Sacramento the State Capitol.

Looks like any other one, right?

Now look at the subtle differences:


Still doesn’t ring any bells, does it? Just a few hand dryers, toilet stalls and, Wait! What is that machine on the wall?

I would guess it dispenses those things that I remember from my youth, growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Condoms, cigarettes or…….

Come on. Where is your sense of adventure? You’ve come thus far in this blog from its catchy title, so why not go all the way in guessing along with me?


It looked good enough. Colored condoms on the left, Cigarettes in the middle and….


Ibuprofen? Pain Killers?

Tabletop Footballs? What is this Country coming to?

Where are the things that made a young man drool and imagine. What if, when will it happen, and who will it be with?

Nope! Tabletop footballs have replaced the fantasies of my youth. If the football vendor doesn’t work, then I could always get the Ibuprofen for my pain and suffering! Sheesh!


At least I can look forward to Handicap Friendly Vending Machines in a pinch, but surely not any with Condoms!

Waterfree systems are also available, but only the knife scratches on the label is the only thing that comforts me in this less-than-dangerous Condom-free restroom.

The final photo shows what I came to see.


Thank Goodness there was something unsavory about this place!

It almost made my day…………..



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