Dangerous Living in California

I was lucky. I had my sister and her husband to make my journey a safe one, but there were times when I feared for my life.

People in Denmark are influenced a lot by what they see on TV. Riots in LA. Earthquakes. Shootings. Police Brutality. Drug Crazies. Motorcycle Bands. OK. I guess other than riots in LA, those things also occur in Denmark, just not as often, or at the same time!

I ventured out one day, not alone mind you, but in the wilds of Northern California.

This sign greeted me:


I admit it. I like living on the edge of danger, and vending machine violence is no exception!

Just the statement “Do Not” sent chills down my spine. A part of me wanted to try it, just for the sheer thrill of the moment, but my family dragged me away from the moment.

The moment of vending machine madness…………….


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