American Delicacies

I knew it! This fabulous blog is starting to attract the cooks and connoisseurs of the world. Eating in California! US feats of Dining Extraordinaire!

Here is my tentative list:

  1. Chips. Doritos You might not think of chips as being delicacies, but they do wonderfully in a pinch, or a hastily arranged luncheon for two travelers on the road.
  2. Soft Drinks. During this trip: Dr Pepper. Coke in a pinch.
  3. Fast Food. El Pollo Loco, McDonalds, Arbys, In and Out Burger, Burger King. Don’t dismiss the importance of eating at these famous Fast Food Restaurants. They are an integral part of American Culture, and deserve their place in the annals of Good Eats!
  4. Tortillas. We purchased a 20 pack of tortillas, and enjoyed them over the next few weeks. They don’t seem to get old, or go bad, which is shown by our level of energy on this very demanding trip!
  5. Starbucks Coffee. I would only have ordered the regular cup if it hadn’t been for my Sister. She is known in every Starbucks in the Placerville area of Northern California, which is shown by their immediate recognition and knowledge of just what she’ll be ordering. Regular coffee, she told me, is too boring and reserved for old folks! I decided to cast off my older self, and be young once again with iced something-or-other, with 2 squirts, plus ice all blended together in my own plastic cup, thank you!
  6. Breakfasts of eggs, bacon and pancakes. A bit on the heavy side, if you had asked me at the beginning of my trip, but again I went with the flow. I guess, raw oats with milk and raisins aren’t every American’s cup of tea, but then I haven’t been one of them for some years now! I even dared to buy an Egg McMuffin at McDonalds in Los Angeles, on my second day in the States, just to feel like one of the gang. A real Angelino!
  7. Mexican Food. I realize, I’ve already mentioned tortillas, but they are just a part of Mexican Food. I might just mention refried beans, which together with tortillas, comprise a big part of Mexican Food.

As for other types of restaurants, I’m afraid they exist outside this blog, probably on sites dealing with a trip of different nature. I/we did manage to eat at a restaurant which served various items with me ordering BBQ Tri Tips.


The knife could have gotten me 5-10 years in prison in Denmark, but these Americans don’t worry about puny details like that. You need something to get through your meal, don’t you? Lucky for me, my  mother in-law was safely back home in Denmark, and my sister didn’t see any “Vote for Trump” banners on the front windows, otherwise those knives might just have played a different tune!

I was stuffed to say the least, with that meal putting all of the others to shame. A few times I forgot to eat lunch in the traditional way, but opted instead for a bag of good old American Chips and a can of Dr Pepper!

The chips had a mind of their own, and seemed at times ready to explode:


Example of Low Elevation chips.


Example of high elevation chips.

With us traveling higher in the mountains, the chips had a mind of their own, threatening to explode with each foot/meter, we rose.

This additional lesson in pressure and altitude gave us even more for the money, never quite knowing when and if there would be chips, barbecue, all over our rental car without any notice whatsoever?

Exploding Chips in California – The Stuff that Dreams are Made of!


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