Funny Pictures Seen While Traveling

My Goodness, I’ve taken a load of funny pictures while on my trip to California, but where are they in Denmark?

I’ve looked around for the usual stuff that “funny” is made of like: contradiction, misnomer, and downright unintelligible signs, but they don’t exist in this country.

Some of you might say, “Well, they are in Danish, aren’t they?” True, true. That should make them funny enough as they are in reality, but I haven’t seen the same type of things, even after translating them, as I did in the States!

I’ve decided to post the funny stuff (in my opinion) a bit at a time, in order to make sense of what Californians see each and every day, but don’t seem to notice any difference.

Perhaps, I’ve just lived here too long to see the humor of it anymore? I mean, are Danes just not funny, or what?

All comments from Swedes and Norwegians are not accepted through the comment section, or else my Blog might just buckle under the pressure!

Remember: Funny Pictures ≠ Denmark.

Funny Pictures = California


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