TV in Los Angeles

I miss a thing or two found in California. Ice cream made from Watermelon – sadly, I didn’t get to taste it on this trip.

Cinnamon gum, and other candies, which I did get to taste, and took a few of them home to Denmark with me.

TV on the other hand, has changed a bit since I last lived there.


Spanish with Spanish sub-titles. I’m not sure, where I went wrong in life, but here was a good place to start!

Then there was vote for this proposition, or don’t vote for the other. These kinds of ads, including political advertisements are not allowed on Danish TV. Not even in an election year!

Then this one here:


Food advertising with captions. I would have preferred them in Spanish, but I am a little devil, you know!


Traffic reports. Freeway 110 North reopening. A man was seen wandering on the Freeway. When Police Officers arrived on the scene, they thought he had a gun. Now there wasn’t anyone on the Freeway…..

Traffic might be mentioned in Denmark, but then it might not……..


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