Take Your Pick – Seen in San Francisco

In San Francisco as well as in the rest of the United States you are faced with many choices.

I thought, I could deal with the many menus, stores and ways of paying for gasoline, but I was wrong. So wrong!

I thought of presenting you with a series of photos from San Francisco. Some of them might be familiar to you, but then we all have our preferences in life, so why settle for the first thing that comes along?


Here is a T-shirt and a hat. I didn’t ask about the cost, as I felt that the colors clashed too much!

The next one might be easier to digest?


I mean, everyone likes Pirates, don’t they? He’s even leaning a bit, which makes him all the more authentic.


If you are not into Pirates, but sailors are still your thing, then this fellow might just be the one for you?

All of these figures can be seen along Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, but the most interesting of them all, was this one here:


Just think of it. Happy Hour all day! Then you could look at the previous 3 photos and get a good feeling about them, regardless of your first impressions!

I got a bit tipsy, just thinking about it……

Seen in San Francisco!


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