Have You Really Visited All Those Places?

Sometimes I have troubles dealing with non-believers. Those who question my intentions, especially concerning my travels in the USA.

  • How could you have visited all of those places?
  • Was Wonder Dog just a figment of your imagination, or did he really exist?
  • Was that photo of your arm hanging out of the window, really yours?
  • Was California really real, or just a State of thinking?
  • This girl Linda. Was she really your girlfriend? What is the truth behind her?
  • Why is your blog broken into pieces, instead of everything at one time?

You see. It’s not easy pleasing others. Everyone wants to touch the hem of my garment, and make me their own! “You can have his thigh, if I get his nose.”

Taken apart. One nostril at a time.

I thought of answering all the above questions in one fell swoop, but that would defeat the whole purpose of this blog!

One thing at a time.


This is My Arm……

  • just not hanging out of the window….

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