Looking for Love

I still remember Linda and the songs, she loved best. I was really into Rock and Roll, but I tried to like the same things that she did.

It’s funny, but a few of those songs really described what was going on between the two of us. She used to put on her favorite Cowboy Hat, and put this 45rpm on her stereo:

Country Music and Linda were synonymous, which caused me to hum her songs, unconsciously, even when I was together with her best friend!

“It’s funny” her friend told me one day. “You and Linda seem to have the same taste in music, even liking the same songs”.

Yes. It was funny, but Linda wasn’t smiling when I told her about that comment.”It’s not like I’m humming “Radar Love”, when I visit her! You are playing with fire, not giving that habit of yours a second thought, when you are together with her! Maybe you want her to find out about us?”

She didn’t need to do that, especially with it almost being an “oldie” at that time in our lives.

Maybe I did want her to find out about “us”. Come on. Let’s bring this out in the open, so we can get on with our lives!

It was no good. I couldn’t convince Linda that this really was a good thing, so I had to accept the music of her best friend, humming that instead.

“Do you remember, back then?, when our favorite song was on the radio:”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. That song drove me up the wall, but that isn’t what she wanted to hear. She wanted to believe that song typified our relationship, and that was that!

I wanted to melt into the background and groove on something that I liked, but that is not what relationships are really about. They are about giving and taking. Accepting each others differences, and finding the best things in the both of us!

That’s why I swallowed my pride and went on smiling when she played that song. Ours was something indeed to be cherished, and kept pure as the driven snow!

On my way home, I turned my thoughts back to Linda. I admit to straying from the chosen path, while humming the following song:

And I wasn’t thinking about her best friend……………………………


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