The Double Double

It’s not always easy explaining things to Danes, especially when you are not one, yourself.

“I wasn’t allowed to cross, as it was a double double.” They nod in recognition, but being polite, or uninterested, they don’t understand anyway.

Like this road here:


Now do you see, what I mean?

There. That helped a lot, but they still don’t understand. It has to do with color, you see. In Denmark the middle line is white and not yellow, so a single yellow, or a double double might as well be a new kind of drink!


“Why is the white line on the side?” They might well ask. Why is it not allowed to cross the double double? Why is there air?

Good questions. Especially the last one about air, if you’ve ever been in Los Angeles on a smoggy day!

I guess, I need to leave my “line-prejudice” behind in the States, if I ever expect to make myself understood in this Country?

“Leave your double double thinking back there in United Bluff (a Danish joke about the USA) and think white for a while”.

I beg for your indulgence. I admit it.

I am not a Dane………………..


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