My Rainbow Lollipop

When I was playing Tourist in San Francisco, I happened into a Candy Store near Fisherman’s Wharf.

They had the usual seasonal candy items like these here:

plus candy that existed when I was young and foolish in Southern California. It was just like traveling down Memory Lane once again, but then that won’t be the last time, you hear that one on this trip!


Just looking in the window would make anyone’s mouth water, so I decided to give it a gander.

I didn’t opt for the Hillary-Trump masks, or Toilet paper with his face on each sheet, but did manage to buy some Neccos, which looked like these here:


Sadly, I’d eaten all of them, before I started this blog, so you’ll just have to guess how they tasted!

When I was ready to make my modest purchase, the young man standing at the counter, asked if I wanted to donate any money to the local hospital when the purchase was made on my credit card? Of course, I said knowing that a few dollars never hurt anyone to be without, especially when it was for a good cause.

For my generosity, I was given the following lollipop:


It was actually quite colorful, and the young man smiled as he handed it over to me!

I felt as if this truly was a special instant to experience in San Francisco, and felt like we shared a moment together for one brief second in that candy store.

Alas, if I really wanted to save the memory, I would have returned to the USA with my lollipop of many colors, but as it is with most things:


It seemed to fade away, here seen while the airplane from Sacramento to Los Angeles was taxiing down the runway, waiting to take off.

I knew, I should have purchased that Hillary mask instead…………….


4 thoughts on “My Rainbow Lollipop

  1. oh my goodness, I remember Neccos! Where did you find them? in that humongous candy shop? I need some now dag nab it! No candy shops in my tiny town…..grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Found you thru Cyranny who blathers and babbles with the best of em. Love the puppy! and I got the joke about balls…..we have two dogs and they tell the same sort of jokes! Come see me sometime. I live in the bloggosphere at


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