Sugar by Any Other Name, Would Taste as Sweet!

People that know me at work ask from time to time, “Don’t you ever eat anything unhealthy?”

Of course, I do. Everyone has their less than glorious moments, when the Little Sugar Devil outweighs the Little Sensible Angel on the other side.

Some might think that my trip to the USA was a healthy, and rewarding journey, which showed Californians and Danes, when I returned to Denmark once again, that my willpower was in top form, and I came back looking sleeker and trimmer, than when I left!

Think what you will, but I wouldn’t want to take a Polygraph Test on that one!

Let’s start easy. Nice and easy.


Coca-Cola on Kool-Aid. Things couldn’t be more innocent than that!

Then, things began to get a bit more complicated:


Look, but don’t touch. They are just sugary donuts, and other sweet things. No problem here! I would like to know how many of you are pausing this blog to take a look in your cupboard, or refrigerator? Tempted, or not?

OK. We’ll continue a bit.


You see. Just Danish and Apple Turnovers. No more, and no less. I wouldn’t want to put ideas in your head, and cause you to hop/jump/skip off that diet, you’ve been struggling with! Take a deep breath, and look at the next photos.


You see. Now all impure thoughts of donuts and the like are gone. Try to be an adult and exert some control. I’m watching you!


Dang! I forgot about the Donut Holes, I purchased earlier. I’m sure it doesn’t make any difference that they are Chocolate, does it? (notice the Dr Pepper in the background – steady now, steady!)


Just wash it all down with an Abba-Zaba. Don’t break your teeth, or those dental bills will take all the fun out of your traveling sweet tooth!

Mmmm. With Real Peanut Butter!



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