Tortilla Dreams

One of the first things that hit my shopping cart in Los Angeles was a package of Flour Tortillas. A small one with around 30 or so inside.

Why tortillas, you might ask? Well, they are easy to fill with whatever you have, they are flexible and last forever! They don’t seem to rot, or dry out, at least not the ones I’ve eaten, and they are cheap as all get out!

What was the first restaurant I ate at in Los Angeles? El Pollo Loco. Mexican Food, you know? And the next one?


Villa Tepyac in South El Monte. Lunch courtesy of my old friend, Aaron!

Mexican again! Did they have Tortillas, you might ask? Yep. And plenty of other things as well.

Then, I traveled through the Desert eating…Tortillas, what else?

When I arrived at my Sister’s house, she asked, “If you are hungry, then we have Tortillas in the Fridge!”.

They were everywhere. Almost like a fellow at Griffith Observatory, who claimed that Aliens had visited there. Tortillas and Aliens, a match made in California!

At my niece’s house, she told me that they always had Tortillas. Run out of Tortillas, No way José!

Back at my Sister’s house it was time for Tortillas. I would have just warmed them in the Microwave Oven (or Nuked them for you Americans out there), but she wanted hers warmed on a pan in oil. “I’d rather have Quesadillas” said without blinking, which made me step back a bit, letting a true master do the job correctly.

Tacos, Enchiladas, and the ever present Nacho.  Nacho this and Nacho that. Nacho is actually named after someone from Mexico:

First created in about 1943 by Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, the original nachos consisted of fried corn tortillas covered with cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeño peppers.


This blog wouldn’t be complete unless I showed you my Tortilla Souvenir from California:


Yep. More Tortillas. Just Corn ones this time. I’m getting a bit worried about the expiration date. Luckily the wife’s family is coming over for dinner and we’ll be making….

Enchiladas. With Tortillas, of course.

“Un Pedacito de Mexico – A little bit of Mexico….”

Essential Foods of California


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