Airline Food – You Gotta Love It!

Mom would have made me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to take on my trip, but Mom was out golfing with God, and Airline Security wasn’t in a humorous mood for that kind of talk, so….


The first thing was this type of Norwegian Chocolate purchased at the airport in Denmark. I thought the name was funny, and ended up laughing each time I tried to pronounce it! The other passengers started to press their overhead buttons for the stewardess, and I received a stern warning not to practice my foreign ways on the first 2 airplanes, the first from Denmark to Amsterdam and the next to the USA.

“Keep yourself to the straight and narrow”, she said, but that might have been in Swedish-Norwegian-Dutch, which might have gotten lost in the translation, which is why my next snack looked like this here:


Orange juice might be recognizable to some, but try to guess where the water was from? Well, Turkey, of course. The cake was purely Dutch, with a unmemorable taste, which I refrained from telling the cabin personal so I wouldn’t be labeled as “undesirable”.

The next “hop” was from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, which had the best meals of my journey:


This was a well-balanced, delicious meal served with a nice drink, and more to come. By this time the cabin personal were speaking pure American English, having weeded out the foreign elements, and going directly to making me believe that they, the Americans, were there all along!

The final leg of my journey was from Minneapolis, where the bountiful meal across the Atlantic, became a mere memory compared to the meager fare that awaited me on my last flight:


It started with blurry peanuts or pretzels, and a cup coca-cola. Then it continued with this puppy here:

My Delta Cookie (plus my finger) with photo number 2 showing the airline’s elegantly embossed logo on my last “burp” meal of this trip!

Having traveled the distance from Denmark to Los Angeles with the above food in my stomach, would probably tell you that I was ready for anything after my long and tasty journey! El Pollo Loco was the first port of call, which wouldn’t be worse than some of that Dutch Cake, but then I was crazy cuckoo with Jet Lag at that point in time, and even buying a can of LA Smog for a nightcap wouldn’t have seemed unreasonable to me!

I just can’t wait until I write a blog about the food choices on the way back home to Denmark…..




2 thoughts on “Airline Food – You Gotta Love It!

  1. oh honey……….that third “meal” was just……….well……………good grief, that wasn’t a meal. that didn’t even qualify as a “snack”. pack a PBJ for the trip back.

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