The Brow Beating

Enid Oklahoma. Can’t say that I’ve ever visited there.


Map loaned graciously from Google Maps

When I drove across the USA, I was in Nebraska, though Lincoln and Omaha, Springfield Ill, then on to St Louis. I’ve been to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, taking a stroll through El Paso, Texas, but not Oklahoma! I was even in Memphis, and New Orleans, which pretty much puts me all the way around Enid, without ever visiting that particular panhandle state! I even visited the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset Iowa, but that is another story in itself!

I’m not much of a follower. I even wrote a blog about it yesterday, but the brow-beating has gotten to me! Now, I’ve signed up to follow Suze from Enid.

Take that Enid! You never know, when I’ll be showing up at your front door………………….


3 thoughts on “The Brow Beating

  1. Don’t pull out your calendar and magic marker as yet. My wife wants to visit the States in a few years, but it’s a fight to the death between Disney World Florida, and my Sister in California! It might be as difficult convincing her to visit Enid, as me visiting Cyranny in Montréal….Unless of course the plane runs out of fuel and needs to stop over in Montreal/Enid for an indefinite period! You never know?

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  2. disney world vs sister….hummmmmmmmmmm. i would…..go to disneyworld and make the sis meet me there! woot! Tell your wife I make a mean potato salad! lol


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