The One Picture Blog


I don’t know? Dedication to duty. The immovable traffic cone?

This tells a story without an ending. A story that needs telling, but no one is listening.

It could be the juxtaposition of the whiteness of the lines on the asphalt as opposed to the less than perfect white lines of the traffic cone!

It is a story of a man and a woman, or just a man, or of 2 men, this being taken in San Francisco, or of the woman who gave birth to the idea, of someone who decided at that moment in time, to place a not so pretty traffic cone in the way of the onslaught of life’s asphalt!

The story of nothing more than dedication to ones job, just when Coffee Break called and someone was asleep at the switch, which made the asphalt roll around the cone. Not wanting to admit any wrongdoing, the others pitched in and smoothed the asphalt, as to cover up the other’s blunder, thus saving the day, getting the girl and riding on their horses into the San Francisco Sunset – under the Golden Gate, of course!

End of one picture blog!


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