Walk, Don’t Drive in Santa Monica

I really didn’t know that Highway 66 ended in Santa Monica. I also didn’t know that parking meters, and buses had changed, which told me that I had indeed been away too long from my home State.

All I wanted to do was to drive from my motel 6 near LAX to the city of Santa Monica. I  thought of surface streets, but Google Maps and my ever present Danish GPS woman, told me that the best way was by freeway. So that’s what I did, finally ending up at the coast in the city of Santa Monica.


This parking meter resembled those from my childhood, with one exception. Now it was possible to pay by credit card, which made my life a bit easier during my vacation!

Santa Monica was the epitome of sand, pier, and active coastal city. It was the end of Highway 66, a place to fish or just lie about on the warm sands along the Pacific Ocean. I liked this place and felt like it liked me as well.

After having walked along the beach, and have spoken to a lifeguard, I finally ended up on the famous pier, with its many tourists and fishermen.


Not exactly Baywatch, but the young woman “manning” this station was very informative about life-saving both in the winter and summer, allowing me to soak up some local color!


This being Labor Day, the locals were out in force, allowing for some good old relaxation on the beach.


I admit, I was tempted to give my old friend, Zoltar a try, but that pleasure is to be had another time …….another place…

Oh, about that thing with buses. In Denmark you might just fit your bike inside the bus if lucky. In Santa Monica/Hollywood though, it is a different story:


Take your bike on the bus, no problemo…..


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