Another One Picture Blog

I must say that the first one picture blog really set the tone for this blog site. Now I can see what kind of people my readers really are, and of the quality that demand for my blogs!

The picture in question is right here:


All bathroom humor aside. This is someplace where I would feel safe. Someplace where I knew that I was protected against earthquake, fire and other complications.

Out in the desert, fending off stray motorists with my movable traffic cone, a telephone pole nearby, and the ultimate of all protections against leakage!

What would my friends have said if they had been there with me? “What do you think, he is doing, taking that picture? Is it something unsaid, that needs to be said, but the words are lacking? Is the color blue significant, or the placement of the traffic cone?”

My friends would probably want to ponder the moment in the quiet of their own thoughts. Some things here in this life, are way too deep, or way too fluid to ponder out in the open, in Eastern California, wanting and waiting for an answer, but none is forthcoming!

This might just qualify for my favorite photo of the entire trip! It might have, but then the trip has just begun at this point in time, and there were many uneven steps ahead…….

End of Another One Photo Blog!



One thought on “Another One Picture Blog

  1. oh good grief! well……….i suppose that could be one of life’s burning questions….where is the nearest port-a-potty and am I protected from earthquakes while ensconced there?


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