Sightseeing Almost

I love sightseeing in other places. That is the whole point of sightseeing. I’ve tried doing the same here in Denmark, but it all seems so familiar that it doesn’t seem foreign at all anymore.

When I was visiting my Sister in Northern California, I asked to visit the local hardware store in search of some pruning shears. I had purchased a pair over 40 years ago, and they still work fine. “What if” has entered my mind which means that they might decide to break after all those years, then I would have to use/buy a foreign, unknown pair of the same. I am not that young anymore, which means that not all changes are readily acceptable.

My Sister said that the biggest selection was at Home Depot, but she didn’t sound happy visiting there. It was reminiscent of my own Hardware Store which is modeled after Home Depot in many ways. The customers also complain about biggest selection, but…..


OK. but it wasn’t her favorite place to be, for some reason or other. Perhaps it was just too big, or the employees were indifferent to her presence?


I thought that the signs were well-placed, up high where you might not notice them, and were luckily printed in 2 languages. I love learning languages!

The next photos might make some of you think, that I only took them to brag about them to my buddies back home in Denmark?


That was way off base with those thoughts! Everyone, I know in Denmark, at that hardware store, and in the Plumbing Department where I might work some of the time, would have found these photos interesting and informative!

Along with the next one:


Look at how faucets are designed in California! Fascinating, you might say?

“Remember Honey. The next time we are visiting Bora-Bora, be sure to take a photo of their hardware store, OK?”

Sexy, some might call it, but only if you were suffering from work related stress, which I am not!

Well, I didn’t end up finding those pruners, but I managed to visit a truly interesting stop along my Sightseeing Journey in California!

My Sister seemed happy as well, when we finally exited that shop, remarking how “It wasn’t as bad, as I remembered it”, which shows how a True Hardware Experience, is a thing of beauty!

PS. I wanted to stand those Plungers up, the ones with the orange handles on the bottom left of that photo, but then not everyone has my sense of order and perfectionism!

I might just send the above photo to Home Depot in California and suggest that they do that, before the next Hardware Tourist comes along.

Home Depoting in California………..



One thought on “Sightseeing Almost

  1. we call the Home Depot “home despot”…and I think everyone hates going there. The problem is that you see so many things that you want to buy, and not enough money, time, effort involved to do so. And those plungers SHOULD be standing up. I should know, I worked for that company for six weeks three years ago and one of my jobs was to stand them all up!


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