Linda This, and Linda That

Why has the Travel gone out of this blog? Why has Linda become more important, than what I had experienced in California?

Hard questions to answer. I guess, it’s time to combine the two, and tell about the time, when we went to the Desert together. Just her and I, enjoying each others company, not expecting the wrong person to show up and put our love to the ultimate test.

“Which her and I”, you might ask? From time to time, I asked myself that same question. It seemed to get confusing after a while, with the one best friend, or the other.

My mother would just have shaken her head in dismay, if she only knew the truth about us. “Why not the one, instead of the other?” “Why not get it over with, and tell the wrong one, who the right one really is?”

Mom usually didn’t usually involve herself with “matters of love”. She knew better than that. She tried to point me in the right direction, leaving it up to me to take the wrong turn, or U-turn as it were?

Linda’s mother was the same way. She used to sigh, when she opened the front screen door and saw me there, with flowers in my hand, waiting anxiously for Linda to show up and make my day. She used to crane her neck and look over my shoulder, as if she expected Linda’s best friend to be on the way over, wielding a baseball bat, or a Saturday Night Special. She feared for Linda’s life, what with our forbidden love on the one side, and a jealous best friend on the other. She too tried to tell Linda to “make up her mind, before…”, but Linda was determined to see this to the bitter end, cost what it will.

I suggested some time alone for the two of us to spend some quality time together, before making any rash decisions. She agreed and told her mother, or they told their mothers, that a short trip to the desert was warranted, and they would be home in a few days.

They traveled together in the Ford Mustang owned by Linda’s best friend. She had affectionately named it “Trenton”, which was to be the name of our first born child, after of course we were married in the Catholic Church and at least 9 months had passed. I didn’t have the nerve to tell her, that her choice of religion gave me the willies, and that I preferred to experience God in all living things. She told me that sounded like a way to escape the inevitable, and suggested a pause in our relationship to get our priorities right!

I can see now that this “Travel Blog” has out stepped its boundaries and is traveling into the unknown!

Linda and her best friend will just have to wait for the next blog, but I do have a portion of a photo that Linda gave me, those many years ago, to keep your interest intact.


I’m afraid, if I show you anymore of her at this point in time, you too will feel the raw passion that this woman possesses!



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