One of Three One Photo Blogs

I’m running out of original titles for this blog. This might have been called, “One Photo Blog, the se-sequel”, or Another nother One Photo Blog?


This should get some eyes a popping? I’m not sure, but one of these young women seem to have collapsed in this automobile. Or is she really saying, “Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache!”.

I wanted to visit 54 Geary  Street in order to find out the real story behind this photo.

Here is the link if you are interested:

My interest has been piqued, what about yours? Just look at the above text link, and that should wash away any doubts in your mind!

It says lingerie, but what is the real story about those 2 women. Remember, this is taken in San Francisco, and anything can happen there!

The young lady on the left seems to be wearing a policeman’s hat, but the rest of her attire, is scanty at best. She might be aiding and assisting, but the expressions on their faces suggest something else!

You guessed it! They are saying, “Where is the closest Donut Shop?”

“I would kill for a donut”, the one on the right had just said, which made the Policewoman say, “We’ve got laws in this city for crimes of that nature”, which made the young woman on the right, swoon with dismay.

How about my readers? Doesn’t that seem like a plausible premise????



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