What Do You Miss the Most?

What is the picture, that means the most to me after my trip to the USA?

It is this one here:

Of the Desert, and the Mountains.


Here is a photo of Mt Williamson 4383m. Now residing as my desktop photo.

In the foreground is the Owens Valley in Eastern California. The Mountains are called The Sierra Nevada and are just receiving the first rays of sunlight from over the Inyo Mountains to the East, over the desert where I was camped for the night.


Source: Google Maps

Names and elevations are important, but the feeling that this picture gives me, is by far more important than any of those things. The warmth of the desert by day, and the coolness by night. The utter silence combined with the high mountains are worth traveling long distances to experience, and I still hold those memories as fresh as can be.

Just before I turn off my PC in a moment, the lingering image of Mt Williamson will be the last thing that I see.

I can still remember the quiet and the warmth………..



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