Are You Thinking the Same?

B1 and B2. Need I say more?

OK. Maybe I need to explain things a bit more? I guess, if I didn’t have Wonder Dog as the symbol of this blog, I could have used the photo at the end of this blog.

When I got back from the States, my luggage was placed in the way, in order to trip over it and curse its existence. Dirty laundry and boarding passes seemed to abound, but where was that special souvenir, for that special someone? I emptied the suitcases onto my table and tried to organize things as much as possible. Funny how those brochures and things found along the way, looked more interesting when they still lived in California?

The candy and other exotic tastes from California were placed by my PC monitor. Hmm, there aren’t as many things as I thought! Then when the dirty laundry was removed, there were even less things than before.

On TV, there were Advertisements for traveling with SAS. Fly with us! No way! I’ve had enough of Airports and layovers and security checks. After just 2 hours of sleep, I was at no less than 4 airports over a period of 35 hours!

At home in Denmark, things were not any different. The Danish Travel Agency which provided me with my rental car in California, was sending me more Travel Offers. “Remember how you added your e-mail address? “Where is that “unsubscribe” button at?”

A fellow at work asked when I was going traveling again? Any destinations in mind?

Yes. In my backyard. Around the block. Close by. No airports/planes/boarding passes…


Suitcase 1 says to Suitcase 2. “Are you thinking the same thing that I am?”

Suitcase 2 replies, “I am. Of course I am!”


Let’s go traveling together!……………………..

Just not me, I’m afraid. The blogging business has hit a snag in the road, for a while at least, so you’ll just have to hum a travel song, or read the other posts for a while.

Don’t get your hopes up that I’ve hit the road once again for places unknown, because I get like this now and again, just a bit bored with what I am doing.

It might be the melancholy of the Danish Autumn, or a restlessness in my soul, but whatever it is, it has taken hold of me and my interest in WordPress. Hey, I even completed the 2016 WordPress Survey without having someone beside me pointing at the correct answers!

Maybe there are no correct answers, or perhaps I need to do some serious jigsaw puzzles in order to get my head straight again? I’m not sure, but one thing that is certain is the proximity of Wonder Dog, who by the way is at my feet as I write this, dreaming his dog dreams perhaps of Lassie’s Star on Hollywood Blvd, I don’t know…..


so I might just do some dreaming together with him….


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