Meanwhile, Back in Denmark.

You see how the power of blogging, allows me to write about Denmark, while I am still stuck in Yosemite National Park in California, which is sometimes called Viborg!

Autumn days with the usual cold, foggy type of weather has descended upon us. Today, if you were really lucky, not like me, the sun shone a few places, usually within my sight, just too far away to enjoy.

I went to the local grocery store, taking Wonder Dog with me. He only needs to see me swing my keys in the air, which means that we are going Drive-Drive, instead of Walk-Walk. No, I don’t just use Baby Talk with him, just with you!


I kept thinking the camera on my telephone needed cleaning, but I’m pretty sure it is this Country that is lacking clarity.

Wonder Dog decided to appear in one, or two of the photos, along with some really foreign stuff, like an info board telling about this Burial Mound (that roundish-looking clump of grass in the background). If you really squeezed your eyes together, you’d see the sun shining in the background, but even I doubt that I saw anything like that, after seeing the above photos myself?

If your imagination is in working order, you might just see a bit of sunlight in the direction, that Wonder Dog is looking, but don’t worry if no one else believes you, as people have told me that I’m filled with hooey for many years now!

I’ve tried polishing my telephone camera, and blowing my steamy breath to help it as well, but I’m afraid that you’ll just have to accept Denmark as being rather fog shrouded and mysterious instead.

We even have people dressed in Clown Costumes, terrorizing the locals and causing wonder and anger about the Country that spawned such behavior. I forget which Country that is, and it is better than I change the subject once again!

8 degrees Celsius has been the high temperature today, which is 46 degrees Fahrenheit for the rest of the civilized world.

That is all for today from Viborg, or a place that resembles Viborg, but definitely not Yosemite National Park…

Description of Burial Mound, called Oddershøj.(translated using Google Translate, plus some additional work by me)

 Oddershøj is thought to be a burial mound from the Bronze Age.
The burial mound's size and location suggest that the mound has been the 
setting of a distinguished person's funeral. Urns were found inserted
on the sides of the hill. The mound is built up of grass turf, and 
unlike similar mounds, the sides of this one are very well preserved. 
Avoid traffic and wear on the mound and help to protect it for the future.

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