Reading in California

Living as I do in Denmark, I miss reading English like never before.

Oh, there are books in English in this country, but they are few and far between, usually found in the Foreign Books Section, of all places!

Every time I visit my Sister in California, we need to make our pilgrimage to the local used book store. This time was no exception, with rows and rows of books, and even a few in foreign languages – not English, this time!

I admit to be a bit overwhelmed at the sight of this place. I almost felt as if I should have left a trail of bread crumbs, or a notch in the bookcases along my search, lest I couldn’t find my way back again!

What to look for? I really couldn’t decide. When I lived in California, I always looked for books on Native Plants, Travel, or the odd dictionary or two.

I started my search about here.


OK. I admit to it being a bit blurry, but with this being Gun Country, I couldn’t decide if it was allowed to take picture, or not?

Now you should get the idea about my bread crumbs, when looking at these two photos. I admit to going in circles for a bit, and had to ask for directions to my next destination. A fellow who resembled a customer, but in reality was an employee then took me for a ride of sorts, deep down into this book maze.


I considered taking a rest along the way, but I couldn’t see how I could with the writing all upside down and everything! I ask that you don’t worry about my sexy legs on the left side of the photo. When in California…you know!

We finally arrived at our destination, but my guide excused himself, leaving me alone and a bit farther along, then I had dared to do myself.


I felt that the label: “Exploration” was fitting in this instance, but a bit further along, I was starting to lose my sense of adventure.

You can’t get any more American than Mark Twain, but I still wasn’t convinced that buying these books was the right thing to do. They were rather weighty in my suitcase, and I would be concerned that my rocks collected in the Eastern Sierra, would then be residing in the trash can of some Airport!

It doesn’t really matter, so I left this book room (in Danish Bibliotek from French, Borrowing from Latin bibliothēca ‎(library), originally from Ancient Greek βιβλιοθήκη ‎(bibliothḗkē, book-room, and found my way back to the book-less air of Placerville, California.

I considered reading English from another source:


-But my memory told me that newspapers only costed 25 cents, the last time I was in California, and 75 cents, seemed to be way too expensive!

There I was, still book-less and newspaper-less in the Great State of California, where English abounded, at least in Placerville, Old Hangtown as it were!


But the day might still be saved, if you caught a glimpse of an American Flag, if you were lucky that is.

Like, I was…



One thought on “Reading in California

  1. we can always organize a book exchange between non-profits, so the thing to do is join a non-profit organization, sign up for English book exchange then send a list of the books you want to the US non-profits…..I once sent 100 books to a lady in Taipei who wished to have Books in English. of course, you have to find the willing non-profits first. 🙂


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