Yosemite Revisited

Remember Yosemite National Park? That was where this blog stopped its journey. It wasn’t Linda’s fault this time, but it could have been….

After visiting Glacier Point, there is another stop nearby. Sentinel Dome.


Source: National Park Service

After having visited Washburn Point, then Glacier Point, it is easy to backtrack a bit and take a leisurely walk up Sentinel Dome. I used the trailhead at the bottom of this map, marked with “trailhead” strangely enough.

Back in the 60s, when I visited here with my family, we also went up Sentinel Dome.

There used to be (it died) a windswept Jeffrey Pine (Pinus jefferyi) growing at the top, which made its way into many a photo. Even the famous photographer, Ansel Adams, took a picture or two of this tree, and by googling it, I came up with these here:


Source: Google Images

Here is my own version of the same tree:


Taken back in the fabulous 60s!

I also took a shot of Yosemite Valley:



Things haven’t changed that much in 45 years, other than we could apparently drive to the base back then (see the cars in the top photo), which is shown on the map as “disused road”.

On the way up, the dome comes into view, but it doesn’t look that easy to ascend.


It is though, and before knowing it, you are standing on the top:


Watch out! There are always new Tourists to take pictures of.



And views back down the Yosemite Valley. Cathedral Rocks on the left side, and El Capitan on the right.


Half Dome is also seen, with the perspective view using the curvature of the Dome in the foreground.


Half Dome and the distant peaks at the top of the Park (Mt Lyell and others).

If you’ve lost your way, or think that you have, there are plenty of signs (of the old variety) to guide you the one way or the other:



An extra feature was being able to access the Internet from the Dome, which allowed me to send some of the above photos to Facebook, and to some of my friends via Messenger.

After leaving the Dome, the good views disappeared taking the Internet along with them.

The last two shots show the trail and the surrounding hillsides:


Back at the car, I prepared myself for the next challenge, the famous “Yosemite Valley.” I just wish I knew then, what I know now………….



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