Just Why Did You Leave California?

You know what? I get that question all the time. And you might be able to guess, what the next question is…

Yes. Some of you might have guessed it already.

“Was it Because of Linda?”

You see, how those things just seem to fit together? Linda this, and Linda that. Well, there is a reason for all of that Linda business, and that is one of the greatest stories of my life – The Linda Chronicles.

Some of you might think that she just faded away to someplace like Albania? Or perhaps decided to become a nun at a mountain top monastery, well the answer is both yes and no. Our relationship demanded such action when we finally had to part ways, that it was almost a religious experience for the both of us.

California had been our home for the start of our lives, but the time that we spent together, ruined any possibility for us to continue living there, especially without each other. It would be like living a lie, and that fact made us take the drastic steps that still affect us today.

Linda moved out East, and though she was gone from sight and sound, I entertained the idea of finding her again someday. I watcher her movements for a while, just continuing a bit farther, to Denmark actually, but I never stopped thinking about her.

You never know, I might even have passed by her house on my journey across the USA?

“Why are you staring out of the window?”, she might have been asked, not knowing what she was looking at. “Oh, just a feeling, I had. That’s all.”

The porch swing trembled a bit, as if a breeze had just caught it unaware, and forced it from its quiet state of dreaming. Linda gazed outside, wanting to go out of the front door, wanting to meet her fate. She might have hesitated a moment before sighing, and turning her back on her destiny. “It was just the breeze, that’s all”, she said to no one important. Just someone she ended up with, instead of someone else.

I moved onward toward my “new” destiny. I hesitated, before continuing on to the next town, the next State. “Why did you stop, in that last town?” I was asked by the woman of my choice. Her name was not Linda, but it might have been, if our destinies had traveled along the same path.

“Oh, nothing. Just a feeling, I had. That’s all.”

I drove on, feeling as if there was something else to be said in that town, just not to the woman by my side. There had been another, you see. Linda was her name, and it all began back in……………


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